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Angie Edge Sales Manager at Plimus from the USA met Women in Games Jobs at Game Connection

Angie Edge, Sales Manager of Plimus met with David Smith of Interactive Selection and Women in Games Jobs at Game Connection in Lyon France in November 2010. Angie gives her advice to women on working in the games industry, “I wish I would have known more about the opportunities that there are to work in gaming, maybe even coming out of college. It really is not publicised enough the jobs that are out there. We have several women working at our company on the account management side that deal with all our gaming accounts, I am in sales, and our COO is a woman. There are a lot of opportunities for women, but you need to have the right connections. So I would say LinkedIn is really strong at building your network of people, try to find some sort of mentor that is in the industry. Come to the shows even as a cionsimer to see what companies are out there, going to their websites and seeing what positions they are hiring for. There is so much you can do now with the web and job postings. I think the sky’s the limit when it comes to being able to find what jobs are out there.”

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