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Game Careers launches “Thought Leaders,” a new video series with top game industry pros!

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Game Careers, a leading news site powered by Interactive Selection, recently interviewed a group of high-profile game professionals at GDC in San Francisco. Titled “Thought Leaders,” interviews from the new video series are scheduled to air each week from May 1 to July 31, highlighting the career path of a top game pro.

Game Career’s “Thought Leaders” series features interviews with recognizable game talent from around the globe, including Wright Bagwell, director of design for Zynga; Alex Hutchinson, creative director at Ubisoft; Robin Hunicke, founder of Funonema and designer/producer behind award-winning game, “Journey;” Chris Mielke, producer at Epic Games; Steve Meretsky, VP of game design at Playdom; Seth Sivak, CEO at Proletariat; and Kate Edwards, executive director of IGDA, amongst others.

This week’s interview subject is Richard Rouse, senior game designer at Microsoft Game Studios. Rouse was previously narrative director on the Rainbow 6 franchise at Ubisoft Montreal, director of game design at Midway, and studio creative director at Surreal Software. Check it out online now!

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