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Game Careers “Thought Leaders” series introduces Wright Bagwell, Director of Design at Zynga

Wright Bagwell, Director of Design at  Zynga, is the guest interview on this week’s “Thought Leaders,” the new video series from Game Careers, a leading news site powered by Interactive Selection. In addition to his work on Farmville 2 for Zynga, Wright was the creative director for the critically acclaimed Dead Space franchise for EA. 

David Smith of Game Careers spoke with Wright at GDC in San Francisco about how game designers can get ahead of the curve: “It’s actually important to realize it is incredibly difficult to make games. I think it’s a great piece advice for game designers to learn, that when you come in early on, it’s really important to be able to communicate, and be able to work with the group. That’s the most difficult part of game design, having the experience of working with a group to bring something to life.” Check out the interview at

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