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This week’s installment of Game Careers “Thought Leaders” series features Susan Gold, founder of Global Game Jam

Global-Game-Jam-2013Professor Susan Gold from Full Sail University is the guest interview on this week’s “Thought Leaders,” the new video series from Game Careers, a leading news site powered by Interactive Selection. Susan is president of the annual Global Game Jam, which hosted more than 16,000 game developers in nearly 60 countries in early 2013.

David Smith of Game Careers spoke with Susan at GDC in San Francisco about the benefits for game developers collaborating at the Global Games Jam: “Being part of your community is so important. Knowing the people that you want to work with in the future, or just having an opportunity to learn from those people. But more importantly, it’s the relationships you make, the network you create for yourself, as well as the ability to take that game and show other people what you have done.”  Check out the interview at

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